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love in the time of dystopia

the sky is a haze of neon
light, reflections, thrumming bass,
the stars are long gone from this velvet blanket
guns and holograms are our bread
but you and i search for more,
our own revolution.
people die and people fall and
people fight most of all.
i die a little every time you walk away,
flashing steel, blood humming with the promise of change
and there’s a target closing in on your back.
the wind whispers reassurance
it brings with it gunshots and screams and
my calloused hands find their old friends –
the cold steel and the blood-red flag and your skin
at night i forget about the people
and my fire rises with your kindling
and i die a little when you walk away in the morning.
freedom! means we need strength
and you are a throbbing ache in my gut
a bullet to my heart
the kiss of a punch
but at night we’re together and that is no weakness.
our sky has forgotten stars
like we have forgotten peace and kindness
but at night we are neon
i am the speeding train and you are the concrete wall
this love story is a tragedy,
written in blood and sweat and freedom!
i promise you this:
i will fight for you.


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