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june ii

I dream of a world in which

I. I can turn cartwheels on loose sand,
in front of too-bright, postcard sunsets
legs pin-straight,
mouth cave-open

II. I part rose petals,
gentle, searching, slow

III. Grass stains colour my clothes,
dot my skin, impossibly green,
the print of the crisp yard

IV. There are voices, there is sound,
there is open space

Take me there.

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january ii

It seems that the more you know,
the less you know;

When only vines hold your bones together,
and all you have is dust,

Is there a bark-covered sparking neuron
that remembers?

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visiting the oracle

She can’t tell you what the letter will say, because
“Nothing is definite—”
Smoke-rimmed eyes, smoke-filled crystal,
The future is
Is she reading your future,
Or your mind?

Her gaze is cloudy,
Her grip cold and clammy; she
Captivates, and what can she see that is so
Bright, miraculous, entrancing—
Dark, ominous, damning?

She speaks in hyphens, stuttering ellipses,
Blinded, all-seeing unseeing and tentatively moving forward,
Impatient, you clear your throat.
You need to see, need to know,

A curiosity that takes you through
Daily horoscope and weather forecast,
Thoth and Athena,
But the powers that be do not favour you yet,
Nor Fate, nor Fortune,
It is time to take matters into your own hands.

At last she
Sits back, majestic, triumphant,
Clouded eyes wide, fingers splayed for dramatic effect,
“Nothing is definite,” she begins,
“But in your distant future—or perhaps—
Perhaps nearer,
I see—
A reckoning.”

You leave, pockets emptied,
Doesn’t she know?
Your life is a reckoning.

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december ii

Red-rimmed and paper-thin,
We all shiver in the cold bite.
It’s the last, it’s the end,
and I think to myself,
What have I done?
For twelve long years, what have I done?
I look at cool white plaster, at
chalk powder fine as first snow,
at watery smiles,
and I know that I have donesomethingright.

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november ii

Blue toes, blue spatters across white,
Spiderwebs through a canvas of
Inching towards a cliff’s edge,
Is this what liminal is?
Stare brave into the saxe
but don’t jump;
Wet wool has an ugly rasp.